Who We Are?

We are an international institution dedicated exclusively to the formation of the Business Elite. Sensitive to the cultural reality of their environment. SAEJEE is a online business school of Euro-American origin but with universal vocation. We are sensitive to the diversity of our environment and committed to the capacity of education and culture to accomplish social change.

As an institution leader in online learning for senior management, SAEJEE provides access to education and promotes the dissemination of culture.

The School of Higher Studies Society Legal Business Euroamerican (SAEJEE in Spanish. HSSLBE in english), forging partnerships in the fields of education, bilingualism and cultural activities with a view to boost for the emergence of new cultural quality proposals.

SAEJEE is committed to the promotion of reality social, scientific and linguistic Latin American and conducts its teaching, within the framework of online distance education.

We are different from all other business schools because we are dedicated solely to education online distance. We use online job, online teaching and online management students from more than 30 countries.

We believe that companies are communities people, and management must focus on the person: properly treat employees, create a climate conducive to personal development, training powerful teams and to conform personal relationships with solid confidence.

The ethical and moral values ​​that the school offers, is based on the Christian tradition, a perspective that has remained in the roots of human and social progress worldwide.

These values ​​emphasize the dignity and inherent rights of each person, and are the backbone of any success of the organization and society at large term.


A comprehensive international approach. Has SAEJEE strong international presence through its strategy to forge alliances with universities alumni centers from different countries. These partnerships are created on the basis of respect and acceptance of differences cultural and linguistic.

SAEJEE promotes an integrated system of activities communication, information and documentation related with the use of the TIC in education, through their e-learning programs in ways: 1. European Certificate, 2. Specialisation and 3. Masters.

One of the principal objectives of our programs is to promote equal opportunities in relation to coordinate, promote and support the efforts of SAEJEE in the field of international cooperation.


Promote business and entrepreneurial activity. SAEJEE signing agreements with companies, with the aim of developing entrepreneurial knowledge economy.

SAEJEE is committed to the economic sectors and industrial, for this purpose has founded the "Group Leader "business oriented, with the task of transferring innovation, knowledge and know-how of Business School to the Company.

The LEADER Group has carried out more than 900 projects local and international collaboration with various institutions.


Our training programs in e-learning, to through scientific and technical knowledge and education, including the ICTs have been made following contributions:

• Have helped to improving the quality of life of the people;

• They have promoted human rights;

• Have been granted access to education for students low income;

• They have conducted virtual forums for organizations nonprofit;

• We have managed projects to host virtual offices incubating new businesses.